If you have recently been arrested for drunk driving, there are certain behaviors that you should avoid because they may have an negative impact on your case. If you behave in such a way to put into question your credibility or reliability, it may cause complications with your case.

1. Talk About Your Case On Social Media

These days, it is common for people to use social media as a way to keep their friends and family up to date on their lives. You may be accustomed to posting about everything that happens to you on social media. However, nothing will sabotage your case faster than talking about how you are going to get out of a DUI charge on social media. Even if you believe that your account is protected by privacy settings, there is a strong chance that the prosecution can and will see your profiles. It is better to be safe than sorry; therefore, you should avoid talking about your DUI case online.

2. Do Not Party

Before your DUI hearing, you should do everything in your power to fly under the radar. Therefore, you should avoid being publicly intoxicated, or participating in any activities that may negatively draw attention to yourself. You should be especially cautious if you live in a small town, where you could easily be recognized by someone. Even if you live in a larger city in South Carolina, you could easily and inadvertently be in a picture posted on social media, leading to the same problem listed above. Refrain from publicly drinking and partying while facing DUI charges.

3. Drive With A Suspended License

In South Carolina, your license automatically faces six months of suspension when you are arrested for a DUI. While getting around without a car in the Palmetto State can be difficult, it is not worth the risk to drive while your license is suspended. If you do, you could potentially face thousands of dollars of fines, as well as longer jail time and term of suspension. Play it safe and find other means of getting around.

4. Missing Your Court Date

Failing to show up for your court date could be a big disaster for your case. Failing to show up at your court date will result in a warrant for your arrest, and you may face jail time while awaiting your rescheduled trial. This also will taint your image in the eyes of the court by casting doubt on your ability to be reliable, your cooperativeness, and your seriousness about the charges you face. Should you be arrested in the future, it may have an impact on how leniently you are treated because the court will not be sure if they can trust you to show up in court.

5. Not Hiring A DUI Attorney

While you technically can represent yourself in court, there are many legal elements to a DUI case that are difficult for people who aren’t lawyers to navigate. When you hire a DUI attorney to represent you in court, you know that you are doing everything you can to fight your case. When you’re looking for competent and experienced DUI attorneys in South Carolina, contact The De Bruin Law Firm. We have experience handling DUI cases, and will do everything in our power to defend your future and protect your rights. Call today!