The most common factor that enhances or aggravates a DUI charge is multiple offenses. If your BAC is over certain limit, then there are increased penalties. If there are injuries, like serious bodily injury, then it is a felony DUI, which is very serious. Additionally, multiple DUIs will bring the current change to upper level misdemeanors, or sometimes felonies, depending on how many the you’ve had.

Are Any Alternative Punishments Available To DUI Offenders In South Carolina?

There are other avenues to consider, like pleas to a lesser offense. As far as diversionary programs, if you are looking for a diversionary program for to you complete so your charges will be expunged, those programs do not exist in South Carolina. There is no PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention) for a DUI, so there’s no diversionary program. For first time offenders, if it’s a low level DUI, most of the time there’s no home detention, it’s usually community service. For people who have multiple offenses, many times it’s a 90-day charge, and you can be given home detention with an ankle bracelet. The interlock device is just if it’s over a certain amount, or if you’ve had multiple offenses.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

I have plenty experience with these types of cases, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. I have seen it from both sides. I know how the government works and reacts to these things. I’ve also handled many DUIs, and so I have the experience and knowledge to help somebody through the legal process. We care about the future of our clients. There will also be other issues that come up that are going to affect your life, like lost wages and employers, and we will try to mitigate this as much as we possibly can.
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